I do not like you – R for language

I hate to admit it. I wish things were different. You, the one in the very back. I wish you didn’t regularly beat your child for small, age appropriate infractions. You’re a prick and I wish you weren’t. You listen to no one and have broken the spirit of your children. I do not like you.

You, front row center. I don’t like you either. I don’t think someone should write a post on a message board and decide my post, a carefully constructed post, was not valid because in one line I suggested a new doc and ask for more information, without acknowledging me. I could have let it go, but instead I did not want to harbor resentful so I wrote pmed you. Of course you didn’t write back, and I consider this to be a long, heartfelt response. What is the deal with that? Now I have to not like you.

You, left with the cranberry shirt on. What’s the deal with you not calling me back? Or emailing or pm or im or anything back! I had some serious things I wanted to talk to you about and you haven’t returned my call in two+ weeks. I even asked your cherished wife to tell you to call me. Nothing. So for now, I do not like you.

Reading and writing this is giving me the chance to forgive what are forgivable things. I’m pro-forgiveness, but I’m anti-being a rude jerk. If the scenarios sound like you, maybe you should give me a call. If not, have a great week.


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