Normal? Average? -G

We had my daughter’s award assembly. The first thing the principal said was that not everyone would be getting a certificate, and if they did it would take away the specialness of the awards.

They say there are no atheists in foxholes. There are no atheists at children’s awards ceremony. Thanks be to God that her class was second. I couldn’t have stayed on my knees for more classes. There were great awards, two for math, two for reading, two for citizenship, two for excellent conduct and two Principal’s awards. Those who achieved perfect attendance also received an award.

Small had perfect attendance (although I don’t think she really did.) She got a certificate with eighteen other first graders in her class. When Small found me, she was not impressed. I was disappointed, too. I hid my feelings. Not that I blame her. Or even blame myself, although my dad said I should have worked harder with her on her homework. I disagree, I think it’s her homework, not mine, and when I sit down to work with her, I just end up giving her the answers. I know I shouldn’t do it like that, but that is the way it has worked. I wanted her to win some kind of achievement award, but she didn’t. She likes school, but not necessarily the learning part, mostly the friend part works for her. I have said since she was very young that I was amazed with her poise and social skills. They even have awards for that, but apparently she’s not all that great according to her teacher and compared to the other kids. I think the teacher is a good teacher, not a nightmare, playing favorites, calling out kids for ridicule and shame. I support her and I still do.

When I prayed for my baby I prayed she would be an average baby. Weird thing to pray? Don’t Americans and everyone want an exceptional child? At the time I reasoned it would be easier for her to live a happy life rather than one plagued with too much stuff. Too many obsessions, too many rejections, too much I.Q. It’s weird, though, because I never thoroughly thought that out. It means she doesn’t get awards at the ceremony, doesn’t have special privileges and probably won’t go to Harvard. Am I okay with this?

I did get awards. I get obsessed, I am smarter than you are (just kidding, okay!?!). I went to a University, and I hope she will too. If she doesn’t though, I am (I think) okay with that. She has special ways of relating to others that her father and I don’t have. She has a great way of relating to others that I do not have. I am glad to see that, I would be too sorry to let that go.


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