When weight loss becomes a job

I went in to Weight Watchers to weigh in, like you have to do once a week. I hate even admitting that I go to WW. It’s so suburban, but what’s more suburban that me? I am mostly a stay at home mom, I bake cookies, and I’m wearing leggings. And I go to Weight Watchers once a week.

When I came in to the kingdom of Weight Watchers I was so embarrassed I wouldn’t tell anyone. They’d comment on the weight loss and I’d smile and say, “Oh, diet and exercise”. No specifics on the diet. Now you and everyone else know.

So anyway, I go to weigh in and the leader asks me, “Have you ever thought about working for us?” My mother has been pushing that, and I tell the leader so. She said, “well, let’s see what your goal weight is…” she fumbles through my booklet. “169 is the highest weight for your height.” (I’m 5’9″). After you get there you can join us and have fun. Pretty cool, huh? Especially when I still have 17-18 pounds to lose. I figure that will take me between 4-6 months.

I come home later that day to a text from my old company wanting to know if I wanted to work for them again. I do. I have a list of questions, though, and a week to ask off. I liked being a behavior therapist, and I don’t have to lose almost twenty pounds to do it. I believe the hourly wage is the same.

Is that not cool? I go from nothing, from actually believing I will never work again, to two jobs that I (think I) will like and I am pretty good at. We could be debt free in a year! A year! I am so excited I can hardly handle it.

I haven’t heard from the company, yet. I haven’t taken a shower because I don’t want to miss the call. (It’s 2:33) pm. It’s like dating. Which everyone just loves.


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