Having a sick kid and still being fat

Today was my first day working with a new client.  I haven’t worked in two months, so it was exciting.  It was also nerve-racking.  Especially when your daughter wakes up in the middle of the night asking if she can sleep with you.  Nothing wrong with that, really, but there IS something wrong with leaning over to kiss her at 6:00 and your lips are singed from a fever.  I got up got dressed and she went to her bed.  I had no choice but to get up and go to work.  I told the babysitter all that was going on, and gave her a card with all the doctor’s information.  Off I went.

I made it there on time and work went well.  Would tell you more about it but am bound by all sorts of rules about confidentiality.

New Topic:

Last night my mom took pictures of me.  The last ones were taken December 5, the day before I started Weight Watchers.  I’ve lost twenty pounds since then.  I put on my skin tight exercise pants and a tank top.  Then, I looked at the pictures.

Things are not good.

For some reason, I thought twenty pounds were a lot.  Although my gut didn’t stick out further than my breasts, and my butt looked a little perkier, I am still fat.  For some reason I thought twenty pounds was going to change everything.  Just like I thought I only had 20-25 pounds more to lose.  I’ve got twenty before I can work for Weight Watchers, but to be honest, I probably have thirty or more to go.  That sucks.  I am still overweight, and here I thought things were looking good.  I was wrong.  To say I’m disappointed would be a vast understatement.


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