Intense Faith

Down 1.6 pounds, which is great since I had ice cream cake yesterday.  My goal was to lose one pound last week, and that’s a good goal because it’s so attainable.  I’ll be ready to work in five months or less.  It’s slow, steady and doable.

But on to something unusual and almost important.  I have a very good friend, a young believer, and one of the most gracious people I’ve ever met.  We both have little ones the same age, although Small often reminds us she is older than the other little girl.  The woman is in my Bible study and we go swimming together, have picnics together and just plain like each other.

Yesterday we were talking about the difference between my old church, a Covenant Church, and the Presbyterian church we are a part of.  The branch of Presbyterianism we adhere to allows women to be pastors, and my old church did not.  We talked about other differences and then she told me she thought I would be a good pastor.

She said I was in tune with what people need, something I don’t remember, and that I had an “intense faith.”  She also said I was really involved with my family and liked to spend time with them, so many it wasn’t such a good match.

These are the types of comments I stew over.  I want to remember what she said, figure out what she meant, decide if what she said was valid, or just where the heck those comments come from.

My missionary friend was over last night, and she said, “You obviously love leading a small group”.  And that is true.  There are other things about being a teacher/leader/prophet that I really love. I do not think I have to be pastor to do those things.

But it’s worth an examination.

What do you think?  Should their be women pastors?  Should their roles and responsibilities be limited?  In what capacities should a woman be allowed to serve?  And what’s the deal with the head covering?

FYI – this is the description of a prophet that I adhere to and believe.

Prophet / Prophecy

Prophet / Prophecy (Special Gift) – The special ability God gives to some to proclaim the Word of God with clarity and to apply it fearlessly with a view to the strengthening, encouragement, and comfort of believers and the convincing of unbelievers. The special gift whereby the Spirit empowers certain Christians to interpret and apply God’s revelation in a given situation. 

The divine enablement to reveal truth and proclaim it in a timely and relevant manner for understanding, correction, repentance, or edification. There may be immediate or future implications. 

People with this gift: 
– expose sin or deception in others for the purpose of reconciliation 
– speak a timely word from God causing conviction, repentance, and edification 
– see truth that others often fail to see and challenge them to respond 
– warn of God’s immediate or future judgment if there is no repentance 
– understand God’s heart and mind through experiences He takes them through. 


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