WordPress asked me today, “Do you think people should have the right to commit suicide?”  I hadn’t thought of that since I was debating fellow classmates in middle school.  Middle schoolers have a lot of opinions.  Most of them, myself included, have little knowledge or information to back up those opinions.  I do not remember which side I was on then.

As a woman who has been tempted strongly by suicide I know something.  I’m not sure what.  It’s more practical to say I “believe” in something because of my own experience, and my experience with suicidal people.  What I believe is this:

Andy Rooney is against abortion.  He thinks it’s murder.  However, he and I agree that we’d rather go to a party with the pro-choice people.  I agree with him about the murder part, as well.

The people I met in the psychiatric hospital were so sad.  A few of them had tried to bring on their own deaths in the last few days.   The others were tired, feeling hopeless.  They needed a break and needed something else.  That something else is one thing I will never know.  After all my time in psychiatric facilities or outpatient programs, I have met one crazy person.  Most of the other people just don’t have the tools to get through this life, so they try and take it away before it takes them away first.

Which is the dilemma the person with intense pain and their families and caregivers face.  Life can be agony, I know I’ve been there.  Each day is torturous.  Should we be allowed to end these lives?  If you have no hope of healing, why wouldn’t you find a way out of the pain?  Who should be able to decide what one person should be allowed to do?

And why does it appear that different cultures place a different value on life?  In some cultures, suicide is honorable.  If one is ashamed of something they have done or behaved dishonorable, the right thing to do is to kill one self.  Others allow someone to die by suicide, but they may not help the process along.

It kinda makes me sick.

I read that Kevorkian did more to hurt the pro-euthanasia movement then basically anyone involved.

I’m reminded of a woman I met in Costa Rica.  She was anti-euthanasia and said if people had “faith in Jesus Christ” they could suffer through it.  My answer was, “What about all those sufferers who do not have faith in Jesus Christ?  Is it okay for them?”  Ridiculous conversation.

Do I seem scattered today?  It feels like it.  I’ve no well-developed thought on this issue.  There are too many variables, too many opinions to work through now.


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