The Split – G rated

Of the feedback I’ve received most of it likes the weight loss stuff.  Since it probably bores the same number of people, I’ve decided to make the end of the blog about losing and gaining weight and the beginning about something else.  So here goes.

It is Father’s Day today.  My parents spent it without their children because my grandfather is ill.  We were up in their city last week and got to spend time with both of them.  My grandfather is on oxygen.  He smoked for a long time and is probably smoking as you read this.  He’s stopped drinking for the most part.  He almost gave us a dog last time we were out at his place.  I don’t get to see him enough and I miss him terribly.

*                                              *                                         *

I ate like a bridge troll today.  I started out with free Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I continued with a good lunch, but I followed it with teaspoonfuls of Nutella, casava chips, more spare ribs, and smoothies.  I’m dealing with more than 40 points, which is about 600 calories.  I haven’t really gone over because there are bonus Points Plus you can eat and I ate it.  I have some left, in fact, ten.  I wish weight in was Tuesday like it was, with my good friend and her good friend.  Now it’s Wednesday.  I hope this is hormonal.


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