Good feelings – G

I’ve been ranting the last few days, and I am going to give all of you a break. I’m in a kind of weird situation with our babysitter. She’s middle aged and a mom of twenty year old twins. I’m paying her $100 a week, or $20 a day. During my training period I didn’t even break even. She was really grateful for the job. She also has an afternoon job, but clearly needs the $100.

She’s had some serious health problems, and is applying for emergency medicaid. She needs a surgeon and there are some who will see her, but they need $350 up front. Oh, how I wish I could just write her a check. Compared even to my job that most more to go to than to have childcare, compared even to that, we are very wealthy. I would like to be able to write that check to her, only asking she keep her promise to not tell anyone. B and I are praying about it. Maybe we will be able to do so. Maybe we can just eat a little bit away from it. But God’s going to do what God’s going to do.

Weight Loss
I’m up .8 pounds, which is really not that big of a deal, especially because I haven’t been exercising and I have been eating up all the bonus points. I intend to switch things up a bit. As far as Weight Watchers goes, I have been thinking mostly about Points Plus and nothing to what I [i]should[/i] be eating. I’m going to up my vegetables and fruits and even my water. I find it disappointing to chart such things, as I realize I don’t eat the way I want to eat. I find myself wanting to be a Weight Watcher’s minion, and I also find myself eating without measuring like they like. They fight against me. It’s time for me to fight back.


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