So moms share horror stories about babysitters, if they have them.  In some ways babysitting is like teenaged sex.  If you do it, you may have a lot of fun, or you may share diseases with all your friends and have unwanted pregnancies and all the thing the abstinence educators warn about.  For the record, I am against teenagers having sex.  And I am pro-babysitter.  But you have to be careful.

The was a cute blond girl, pastor’s daughter, that I met through the youth group where B and I worked.  We needed someone for Tuesday nights so we could go to Bible study.  Didn’t think anything much about it.

We came home the first Tuesday and they were asleep, cuddled on the couch.  It was priceless.

We won’t think much more about that until two weeks past.  I was giving the babysitter girl a ride home when she whipped out her cell phone and showed me pictures of a baby’s  fat little feet tied up  with black cell-phone cords.  Then she showed me the fat little hands.

I asked her, “What made you decide to do that?”

“Oh, I saw her feet with the cord so I wanted to see what it was like.”

The situation went down hill after that.

I’ll get into it another day.  I am tired and it is past time to go to sleep.


Work.  Ugh.  One thing I do not like about my line of work.  Or lines of work.  I belabored the point of losing my writing job forever.  I lost my client earlier this year.  I have a new client now, and I have made her cry exactly twice.  I can’t explain why or how because of all those confidentiality agreements.  But ZI have the feeling I’m on my way out again.  And it sucks.

But, whatever.  I’m not going to process it now lest I bore my readers to death.


I ate a lot of cheese today.  Dieters talk about things being ‘satisfying’.  I find eating good cheese ‘inspiring’.  I eat it, smother it on rich grained crackers, smell it.  It’s entrancing.  It’s beautiful.  I can’t drink so I can love it more deeply.  It’s so rich I truly only want a little bit.  Other good foods, chocolate, wine, breads are easy to overeat, but cheese isn’t like that for me.  It’s more personal.   I can’t say ‘satisfying’ with a straight face.


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