Things I know nothing about.

I haven’t lived very long on this world.  At thirty-five I’m not even middle-aged.  I was told that honor would be bestowed at forty, although I am already half way to seventy, and that sounds old enough.  But I still lack quite a bit of credibility.

Of course I know nothing about child rearing, child feeding and child management.  The evidence is obvious:  I have only onoe child, and I have a girl.  This little girl, by the way, became very upset when Bill Cosby told her that parents of only children aren’t really parents.

When people have establish I need advice, they give it freely.  I am often open to advice, but I am careful to who I listen to.  There was a girl, for example, in our youth group who was seventeen and still sucked her tongue.  In public.  Her mother asked my questions about my choices, “Is she sleeping with you?”  When I told her I was, she breezily walked away, warning me “No, no, no.  If she’s sleeping with you now, she’ll be sleeping with you forever.”  She had other nuggets of wisdom, all of which made me think, “You’re seventeen year old sucks her freakin’ thumb.  People freely tell me ways I need to fix my daughter’s hair, how I should discipline her (yes, a two year old should be spanked for playing with friends at church without telling me.)

Another thing is this:  I can’t know anything about other religions, or the anti-Christian apologetics.  If I did, reason the skeptics, I wouldn’t believe in Jesus and the hulabalou surrounding it.  Truth is, there have been times that I’d beg to be released from this.  It’s gory and fired filled and filled with all this reckless love and abandon.  If there was any way I could believe anything else, I would. I can’t.  It has been tested and tried and I know that it has to be true.  Although I am in love with Jesus, attached to the Holy Spirit and stand in awe of God, I’d give it up if it wasn’t true.  It would take grieving, but it would give me a kind of freedom.  I wouldn’t  cling on to it.  But, honestly, I think it would take a lot more than info from a senior enrichment Philosophy class to change my mind.

This is the stupidest one.  Fresh from my first hospital visit, I had a friend who told me I didn’t really have bipolar.  I had the wool pulled over my eyes.  I had some other something going on (who remembers what she said?) but the only way to treat them was through these herbal (liquid) supplements she sold.  Really?  Is that all there is to it?  Yep, big pharmacy is afraid of their products because they work so well.  If that was true, doesn’t it make since pharmacies would get a hold of these products and bottle and sell them?  Ah, it’s because they want to make lots of money and this stuff is cheaper (compared to a co-pay, no it’s not).  Well….  wouldn’t they make a lot of money from a new, effective product?  At this time I was in no state to have a reasonable, respectful argument with my friend, so I just told her I had text book bipolar and I wasn’t interested.  Since then, I have added a number of vitamins, (Fish Oil, B-100,  D, and a multi-vitamin) but, gasp, they are from pharmacists, where there is quality control and cleanliness standards that exist so generously in the United States.  Can we take a minute to shout out to the US of A for doing it’s best to keep us up to stringent health standards?  Woo hoo!


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