Muck? -G

These are awesome baby nursing stories.  I loved nursing my Small.  It didn’t make me a better person, but it helped me be the mama I wanted to.  I know fantastic moms that didn’t or couldn’t, but this is not their story.

My story is simple.  I had a baby, I nursed her.  She latched on right away.  We happily nursed until she was 23 months old.  People say that if they are old enough to ask for it, they are too old to nurse.  Well, she asked for “muck” whenever she was hungry or thirsty or just up for a snack.  She was about 1 1/2 when I went in to the hospital for my mental health issues.  Even though she was so old, they allowed my parents to come in the morning and at dinner time for all the “muck” her tummy could take.  We weaned at 23 months under the advice of the psychiatrist who said the medicines were dangerous for her and were secreted in breast milk.  We nursed one last morning and that was it.

My friend K is one of those wonderful stories about infertility.  I’m not being ironic.  She and her family prayed forever for a baby.  They gave up hope, and God gave them a baby.  And then another one.  The baby was welcomed but K wasn’t through breastfeeding:  She was sure it was best for her baby.  So on she nursed, even though she was tired, even as she marched through her pregnancy she nursed her little girl.  Later the girls prayed for a brother, and God blessed them with yet another little baby.

Another friend, S was preparing for her first baby, and it turned out the little one has Down Syndrome.  S tried to get the baby to latch on but she couldn’t.  Ultimately S decided that she was going to pump her milk and provided most or all of her daughter’s nutrition.  I pumped once, I cannot believe she did it for over six months.

I actually could go on and on about awesome breast-feeders.  I like weird ones too, but I’ll keep those to myself for now. I’ll add more stories as I hear them.


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