Soccer – Weight Loss – Mothering- G

Soccer pictures were today.  We managed to find the place about fifteen minutes from when the pictures were suppose to start.  It was fine, but not a great way to start a soccer game.

Small did not start.  She would play about five minutes, then the coach would give her a break.  This happened, as I remember, four times during the forty minute game.  There are 2 1/2 people who actually know how to play soccer.  There is a little boy named J.J.  and a little girl named O.G.  She is goalie and never lets a ball go.  J.J. plays every other position.  Small loves it and wants to play fall league as well.

She asked us after the game why we thought she was on the sidelines.  Was there a problem?  No, we told her.  She thought about it a minute, “Is it because I’ve worked so hard and done such a good job?”  “Something like that,” answered her dad.


The Weight Less

A confession to make:  I didn’t really diet week before last.  I’m on this medication that “may cause weight loss”.  The first week of taking it I lost 2.7 pounds.  I lost more the next week.  Then I decided that I was going to see if it was the dieting and the meds or just the meds so I ate like a bridge troll.  Unfortunately I also gained.  Sucks.  But this is good, in a way.  If I could lose weight just by taking pills that is all I would do.  It’s better for me to eat right – fruits, veggies, meats, instead of french fries, lots of ice cream and as many slices of pizza available to me.  Now I’ve learned I really do need to eat right.  The second would be exercise.  When I weighed in, the receptionist asked if I was exercising and told me that I needed to do so and to keep moving.

So I’m going to try and do that.


A Mothering Moment

 According to Small’s old pediatrician, the terrible twos start at 16-18 months.  I didn’t really have a very terrible two.  I had a terrible infant (For example, crying  inexplicably for 3+hours at a time nearly every day).  And I had an Ergo character.  I don’t work for the Ergo people, but I’d love to.  It’s a soft(ish) canvas carried that wears a lot like a backpacking pack.  You can clip on the waist, pop the baby in the back, and put on the straps.  It feels good to wear because all of the weight settles on your hips.  We went everywhere with it.

One day Small was having a rough time.  She was about fifteen months old and was fussing and complaining and would not be placated.  She wanted attention and she didn’t.  I was irritated and unsure of what to do.  I suppose more seasoned something would chalk it up to her age and just let it go, but that wasn’t my option.  I couldn’t stand it.  It finally got it in my head what to do.

Ergo!  I strapped on the carrier and put her in the back.  Things were fine!  She wasn’t crying or fussing, she wasn’t getting into stuff.  She wasn’t annoying me.  We kept it on until lunch.  Any other time she was in such a mood, I used the Ergo and there was nothing but contentment.  This worked until she turned two and was too big for me to carry around on my back.  Those sort of days thinned as well, as they are developmentally apt to do.


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