Add more color to your life

Last night my mom and I went to Sally Beauty and got yet another bottle (two) of hair color.  I am searching for something I like as much as the shimmery blonde I had summer before last.  It was so pretty and required touch up every five weeks. I couldn’t hang with that.

I went to Weight Watchers (gained, but still have lost 25 pounds) went to coffee where I found a semifreddo for 100 calories (thanks, T).  I came home, ate some pasta (not out of spite, out of having it left over) and went to sleep for two hours of so.  I think I’m depressed.

My new hair color is Light Copper Blonde.  The box claims to have the “richest reds.”  That sounds really nice.  Even if I don’t have red hair, I feel like I have red hair.  It may not be my “natural” color, but it’s me.

I wish I could make and eat a batch of kettlecorn right now.  I won’t, I’ll gain a bazillion pounds and lose my adorable butt.  It still would be nice.

No more for today.


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