The drama marches on

Well, I talked to my dad about the minor conflict which has broken out.

My cousin who had nothing good to say about anyone? Her dad lied to her.

He told her the family made him drop out of school to help support them.

Nope. He talked about dropping out and no one said not to, so he did. It had nothing to do with supporting anyone else. It had everything to do with his deciding to drop out of school. There is still a lot of bitterness directed towards my dad and the youngest brother because fifty years ago they got the heck out of town when they were old enough. My dad was seventeen and his younger brother was fresh out of college. There was nothing keeping Donald Jr. from doing the same. My dad dropped out of high school, he joined the military. It was Vietnam Era, certainly there was a space for him.

The whole thing points to why my dad doesn’t talk about his family very much. I know there was a lot more to their lives that is bad than is good. My cousin and her parents will probably never let that go, though. It is understandable considering all that they went through, I suppose that makes it seem reasonable that they take so many things so personally.

My mom usually calls them on Christmas Day. Last year’s was especially busy with spending the night here, leaving in the afternoon, spending the evening somewhere else and the night somewhere else after that. In March she asked me if they had done something wrong and why didn’t my mom call?

March. March. A phone call. An annual phone call. What? Does the phone not work both ways? Is it more reasonable to call, say, December 26 to see if something happened, rather than three months later?

I don’t know. I hope I am finishing processing this for a while and tomorrow we will be back on confirmation and beauty tips.


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