Chocolate and Turkey – Day 1 of Giving

Today is a very good day, so far. In brief: Church was wonderful, it was Missions Sunday and people from all over the world came to talk about their experiences and their miracles. This afternoon we’re having T and M over for a last minute turkey dinner. B is making green beans and shallots, and fluffy souffle-like mashed sweet potatoes and a glistening turkey. I set out a little chocolate tasting plate. It has this super nasty Mexican Chocolate on it. I hope they like it because I’m throwing it away if they don’t.

Another reason things are wonderful: I’m still soaring over the encouraging words. (In the secular world we call those compliments.) Who could be loved second to the lover’s own family? ME!! Who can care for someone so difficult to care for only to see their entire family come to Christ? ME!! All these things, this wonderful week are mine to latch on to. Let’s say, “Yay, God!” “Thanks a lot!” I hope I can latch on these facts like I latch on to so many foolish things that are not necessarily true. (To D – grrrr)

So, my mood may be elevated or not. Good things are happening to me, why should I be anything but joyful! My husband swears I’m been elevated for four days. I know my memory is not so great. At the jog-a-thon I (thought) I was in rare form. I met everybody, made them all laugh and found a more efficient way to fill the cups with water. I was on top of my game. This may have been my amazingly charming self, or it may be my illness kicking in. I’d like the think it is the former. People were laughing. Also, I took some great pictures.

I haven’t felt depressed in almost a week. Sometimes I hardly know that’s possible. It feels very good.

I hate football. Except for when my hero BB coaches.

It’s day one for Ten Days of Giving. We’re giving lunch to T and MG. I also helped put away chairs at church. Is that enough? The chairs are contrary to my usual predilection. Looking for more opportunities. This is going to be difficult


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