How do you stay true to yourself?

Short answer: I don’t. I try to consider the essence of whom God made and I try to look for experiences and situations where I can fully be myself. Sometimes I don’t find them and that is when I grow. It’s the places where I’m lost, confused, even self-centered are the times people tell me they were inspired or encouraged by me. Me, huh? Cool.

Last night I talked to the beautiful, elusive, KP. I only get to speak to her rarely. We live far from each other and she has three fabulous children and a red haired husband. Last night I stayed up later than I have in at least seven years talking to her. I really respect her. When we first met we were in a small (three person) support group. I disagreed with some of the choices she made and was kind of a jerk about it. Even so, she worked very hard on our relationship. I was a meanie-gut to her; She was wonderful to me. It took some time and we worked a lot of that out. A big reason it was difficult for me was because she was pregnant at a time I knew I would never be pregnant again. I finally sent her, and a few other friends, a letter explaining my feelings and apologizing for the way I treated them. KP got pregnant again, and this time I was cool about it. She has a great little family and I wish we got to spend more time together.

My in-laws are coming tomorrow. They are officially due between 2-3, which means to prepare for noon. I like them both. He doesn’t hear so he sits on the couch smiling. She likes me and love Small, so they have a wonderful time.

Mandatory Weight Loss Comments
I have eaten all the Milky Ways out of my daughter’s pinata candy. So what? Tomorrow I weigh in. So what?


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