A to do list

Just like you, I have too much to do. There is a lot of basic things I need to do every day to be healthy and whole. However, I do not do them. Life itself is so difficult, then ya throw in a few psychiatric issues and a job and a kid and things get totally unmanageable.

What I feel like I should do and want to do everyday:

Wake up at 6:30
Read some Bible
Do some yoga
Apply skin medicine and sunscreen
Wake up Small
Eat a nutritious breakfast
Brush teeth
Take medicine
Put on cute outfit with socks
Go to work
Come home
Do chores or go to Psychiatrist/Therapist/whatever appointment
Get Small from school.
Spend time doing creative, productive things
Participate in event/outing.
Put on skin medicine
Brush teeth
Go to bed at 9:30

And sometime bathe, shave, and wrangle hair.
Also, blog and do other writing.

There is no way I can do all of this. I wouldn’t even want to try. But I want to do it.


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