Living Yoga is the Nest Revenge

It’s been three days! Three days since I checked in with all of you. This whole work thing cramps my style. Today my littlest guy had a fever so we cancelled the session. It was just fine with me. I had things to do and I did them. Important things like go into Ulta and buy 2 for $5 bottles of nail polish. Also: To get $1 flash cards for Small.

I went to the pharmacy. The tech said, “Hello Mrs Malakoa,” without prompting. She knew my first name, too, and didn’t check my address. That is how often I am there and how many prescriptions I get filled. I have six on the breakfast bar and that’s not all of them. I like to spread all the things I buy out so I can be happy with that I own them. I met a woman who told me, “I’m not very materialistic.” I, for one, am quite materialistic and love buying things and enjoy looking and them and being pleased with myself at my haul. It’s a personal Christmas.

I was really bad earlier this week. I went to the doctor because my ADD was completely, utterly out of control. She told me, kind of sadly, that we couldn’t take away any of the meds because I needed them, and we couldn’t up them because of serotonin syndrome. (Long time readers will remember the trouble we had with potentially life-threatening serotonin syndrome.) She said I needed to do yoga and meditate.

I did yoga for a few weeks, and, to be honest, I loved it. I felt good, I stood taller and my moods just stayed away. I don’t know why I quit. Do you?

My mom bought me a new DVD with both morning and night sessions consisting of twenty minutes. I think I can swing that. I can drop Small at school and then do the morning, and then I can just put her to bed and do the evening practice. That’s a lot to commit to, but really, what choice do I have? I don’t want to get addicted to anything, especially something like a benzodiazepine. I’ve heard it’s the worse, and as I have experienced the Paxil flu, (Paxil withdrawal) I am not up for it again.


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