Let’s try again

J –
Thanks for calling me back the other day. I am sorry about the miscommunication regarding our last meeting. I hope to straighten things out a bit.

I have decided to find a new therapist. Many times in our past sessions, I have felt judged or proselytized, which made me uneasy. I sometimes felt that your responses were formulaic, and not personal to my own situation.

I did often find your work to be insightful and know you are a popular, caring therapist, but ultimately I believe that we are not a good match. I wish you the best.


I am sick. That is where I’ve been. I have had no voice for three days and I have done little more than lay in bed or on the couch for two days. I’m achy too. I’m going to see a psychologist today and I hope I can speak some. I’ve not had luck with MFCCs/MFTs. Maybe it’s their approach. I started looking for graduate programs in Applied Behavior Analysis. I like it. I like my job. But the rascals want you to have a degree in psychology to apply. I’m sure I could go to National University without one, but it is very expensive.

My mom gets on rants, like many people do. Except for you, I am sure. Her latest was about National University and what a great school it is and how hard it is and people just don’t know. That’s fine. I’m quite sure that is the case in her world. I do not look down on people who have their degrees from places like National University or University of Phoenix, but I think it’s crazy to compare them to Ivy League Universities. My dad used to call it a check book college. I think that caused my mom to seethe because she never said anything about NU to him, who also has his degree from there. I wouldn’t mind earning an extra bachelor’s degree there. What I really wouldn’t mind is going to a state school nearby, but the closest one is an hour away and I don’t want a class to cost me three hours.

America’s Top Model was on last night, though, so I will probably watch that later today.


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