I can’t be the only one.

Day five of “voice rest”. It’s been good in a lot of ways. I’ve had more time to catch up on all that surrounds the presidential election. I am glad I have.

I’m not registered Democratic nor Republican. I’m no longer registered Green. I’m decline to state, but I will state today that the Republican candidates appear mostly to be bumbling idiots. Cain is the guy I just don’t get. When questioned about his sexual harassment histories, he responds to the reporter, “Don’t go there.” He bursts out in song. His speech proves him to be an African-American Sarah Palin, oh so folksy and down to earth. Kerry’s supporters, confronted with him becoming tipsy at a Cornerstone Action Dinner, “….have also risen to his defense, pointing out that at no time did Perry slurred during his 23-minute speech.” His memory fails him.

Republican voters: Do we really want any of these people leading our country? You may not agree with or be in love with Obama, but you can be pretty sure it’s not going to be embarrassing for him to address the nation or meet with world leaders. Can you predict the same with any of the (hapless) Republican candidates?

Bachmann is not a bubbling idiot, but according to polls, she has less than 10% of the vote, so biased me will say she doesn’t count among the candidates, thus freeing her from my criticism. And from fair debates.

That’s all for now. Re-elect Obama.


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