Facebook Break – R for language

I’m talking a three week break from both Facebook and GCM. I had some idiots from my past pop up and they are calling me a stalker. Really, all I wanted to do was return a f-cking photo album to my high school sweetheart. He had a highly dysfunctional relationship that ended with him moving to Alaska. I knew he was back in the continental United States. I hadn’t been able to find him, but I did find his wife. Most of her pictures are of him. I emailed her trying to get them back to her, ex-bf’s bff sent me a pm through facebook saying they didn’t want it. Then he defriended me and blocked me from his photography page.

Then, he went ahead and posted on his facebook page that stalkers were not welcome there.

F-ck you. I was trying to be nice – treat people the way I wanted to be treated. That blew up.

What else happened lately? The stupidity with L. My old good friend and his new wife, without warning, are not answering my pms. It’s like we went from long time great friends to ancient acquaintances. it hurts.

So, those are the three reasons I am dropping face book. My brother agreed to get the pictures from my mom to destroy them, but by the time he got to their house my dad had already trashed them. My mom wanted to send them to his parents, but I believe my mom might actually have respected the boundary.

B doesn’t want us to have contact with anyone we’d had sex with before. That is probably a good idea, and I respect it. I respect it even more now. My brother said it is better to stay away from anyone you’ve ever dated because no good can ever come with it. They are right. I wish folks could be mature and have the ability to wish each other well, but that’s not how their clique rolls.

On another note, I may lose my job. Ah well, gives me more time for writing. I will make good use of the time. At least I hope I will.


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