The Worst Parent Ever

I have nothing to say today.  I am devastated that God, again, has given a child  to people who are mean to their, now four, boys.  I was just talking to my Small.  Taylor Swift had won Entertainer of the Year at CMT, the highest honor CMT can bestow.  I was explaining how important and wonderful it must be to her, second to knowing God and third to having a Small.  I wanted her to know how very wonderful it was to have her and be able to give her kisses and hugs and loves.  

So I’m here, crying and stuff.  I texted my bff T, but she’s probably busy at the Mission helping homeless women like the good person she is.  I am sitting in front of dirty dishes.  I will not wash them, but I will fold and put away clothes.

Not so exciting today.  


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