Don’t start your day this way

I check my email in the morning.  You probably do, too.  I hadn’t eaten, drank, or taken meds, so I decide to get back to payroll’s email with several mistakes they made which resulted with my losing some pay.  They got back to me right away with a, “WTF?”  I haven’t responded yet, and I should not have responded then. 

My thoughts are intrusive.  I remember this girl’s church.  It didn’t let women speak, but if you were in a trio that included a man you were allowed to sing.  The man changed his mind, they wouldn’t let the girl sing.  I actually restrained myself from screaming at my friend and asking her to show me in the Bible where it says to break little girl’s hearts.  I screamed (silently) at her today.  

I’m sucking down iced coffee, popped an Ativan (takes the edge off) but wanted a bottle of chilled Chablis.  I need a good breakfast, to take all my pills and to rest for about an hour before  I conquer myself and the day.  I have a therapist’s meeting today as well, and I need to prep for that with my ADHD homework.   This all annoys me and I’d like to take a break from therapy for a while.  I won’t do it.


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