The Morning After

I feel stuffed. I went out to breakfast with my dad, then came how and drank a (sugar-free) Italian soda. I also ate an aged slick of Red Velvet cake. I should have checked with Weight Watchers but didn’t and now only have their permission to eat vegetables today.

My party was dreamy. The food was delicious, the friends (and parents) were joyous. They old happy stories and laughed and laughed at their shenanigans and adventures and all those things to come. I gave each guest a bookmark with a Bible verse that reminded me of them and how they blessed me. I read the cards and cried as I told each story. Some other people cried too.

An example?

“Exodus 15:20: Miriam the prophetess, Aaron’s sister, took the timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dancing.”

This was for my friend, MC, who sings like a bell. When she is behind me at church I feel like the world is lighter. I took my parent’s wedding vows and split them on to two cards. (From the book of Ruth.) Everyone got something wonderful and MC’s husband said, “I feel like it’s my birthday!” Which is exactly how I hoped they would feel.

This morning, after breakfast, I took my dad to the best florist and pretty things shop to find something for my mother. He already bought her a yoga mat and a pretty vase under my tutelage, but he wanted something “wow”. That is why my dad is awesome and he cannot stick to a budget when it comes to December. (He is getting my brother a table saw.) He bought her a beautiful stand, a beautiful plant and an adorable reindeer made of moss. The owner wrapped it all up in a pretty ribbon and he was ready to go. My dad went home afterwards, and of course that is a little bit sad. I deliberately cleared up my schedule this week, and even though he left, I am glad he came.

About work: I am through with it. They trained me on this client and then did not put me on the schedule to work with him. I have no work and haven’t for a few weeks. Twice a client’s parents told my supervisor they didn’t want me there anymore. It’s time to take a hint, and that is, they don’t like me. I like them, still, but T doesn’t like them, mom doesn’t like them and to be honest, I don’t need the stress. My husband still thinks is’t the “perfect job for (me).” It may be, if anyone thought I was any good at it, but no one at the Company does. Also, they keep screwing with my time cards and also being rude. Who needs that?

My mom made the point that I didn’t have time to take care of my health if I was working, even just a few hours a day. I haven’t started working out since the Psychiatrist told me to do so. Not once. Well, unless you count walking, but I don’t think a 36 year old should be able to do count that. When my mom and I walk there is no panting or sweating and I think I need to have that. Or whatever.

I went to a store on my own today and….. (spoiler alert) DID NOT BUY SHOES. There was nothing I wanted, really, which is a sign I’m not manic. I also didn’t eat a slice of cake at eleven o’clock at night and didn’t stay up way past my bedtime….although I really don’t have a bed time.

Missing my reader friends, and you know who you are. It’s been too busy for anyone to read a blog, let alone email me or comment about it. I’m gong away for a few days for Christmas and probably won’t be able to write a lot. That said, I will sign out for now and wish you a joyous whatever it is you take joy from.


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