So how’d ya do it?

Eating hummus and vegan pita chips today. Not a whole lot going on. I lost 1.8 pounds last week, so I’m 6.2 until I’m at my official Weight Watcher’s goal. Then I get to go to meetings for free! Whoo hoo! That means I will have lost 38 pounds. My God.

Who ever knew I was so fat?

I remember one day during this journey, waking up and having a waist. A waist?!?! How long had it been. A friend pointed out that I have hips, too. I dropped two bra cup sizes. I went from 36-DD to 36-C. I really don’t care all that much, though. They fit in this new body, and belong back in the old Malakoa, she who was, “Hiding under a Mountain of Fat” that T affectionately called me once (after I no longer was).

How did I conquer the mountain? What were the toughest parts?

Briefly, because I have a house to clean, I will tell you. Number one, pay attention to what you are eating. Do this by writing it down, in Weight Watchers they call it, “tracking.” You may discover, as I did, you are eating close to 4,000 calories a day. In WW lingo is would be about 50 points. I ate a whole lot of everything, all the time. There was no stopping me. I have proof now, that there could be something stopping me, and her name is Malakoa.

Number two, go to Weight Watchers. I am serious, I didn’t want to go and fought it for a long time. Weight Watchers is good because you have to pay – invest in yourself. It’s good because you realize that you actually were a bridge troll, but those days are (mostly) numbered. You only get to weigh in once a week, so maybe you’ll tighten up the last few days before your weigh in. I think that’s okay. It’s a good plan and it helped me be not enormous. I denied myself nearly nothing. If I wanted a chocolate cake slice, you would find, at least part of one, in my belly. I ate ice cream, sometimes a lot of it. I had pizza. I could go on and on. I only lost about 1/2 pound a week, and I could have lost it faster, but I wasn’t willing to carry around measuring cups. Some people do. That works for them, and I’m sure if I did it, it would help me lose weight, too.

I need to get to it. More later.


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