Hardcore Malakoa

I want to be all hard core, brain disorder activist and hip, lean goddess of candy corn, but I can’t be. I never will. One of the main reasons is that I love those youtube videos of girls or women recording their, “haul”. That is, things they have recently bought for scrapbooking.

I’ve sort of been photographing the things Small and I have been buying for the card company. She and I are working together to make and sell cards. She is the owner of the business, and I am an employee. It’s working well. At least I think it is. I am doing most of the work, but people are thinking it’s cute and buying them. We have an order for a dozen and an order for twenty – my friends entire family is getting a CCC card.

I haven’t been involved with anything of note other than that. I have seven more pounds to lose, up from six and it feels like it will take forever and ever. I eat too much and I eat the wrong thing. I exercise twice a week. All of these things are telling me I do not want to drop the pounds. Six lousy pounds.


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