Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?

There are so many ways to self-sabotage. Here are ones I’ve tried today alone, regarding weight loss. I am also going to go ahead and tell my coconut cream story, too. It’s one of those stories that is only funny because you know something about Weight Watchers, so I’ll try and fill the more fortunate of you in on the game.

For breakfast, I ate an English muffin with butter and about 1/2 inch of coffee. I fixed it up with half and half and the only sugary Torani syrup we have. I was late to Weight Watchers, and that shows I lack commitment, but since I have been late exactly once since I started thirteen months ago I will give myself a break.

So I blew in, wet hair and all, and listened to excuses about why people choose not to exercise. I kept my mouth shut, but I am of the, “just don’t want to” set. I worked out twice last week and that was enough for me, although my husband does not agree.

The leader, Lottie, let me tell my funny weight loss story. First I will tell you this: Diet comes down to points. You get 27 points a day and 49 points plus a week to use as you wish. Some people have an extra serving of spaghetti or splurge on a big ol’ bowl of frozen yogurt. I use them almost every week. I either eat 31 points a day (four over) or spend a day out eating moderately at a wedding reception and having a slice of cake. (I was going to say, having a bite or two of cake, but really, who am I fooling?). My beloved father came to visit me last week and brought me this coconut cream. Two small cans. I opened one and ate the two tablespoons allotted. They were pretty good – nice and firm. Although it was room temperature the texture was like a banana. I went ahead and had another two tablespoons. Delicious. So I decided to eat the whole can. This made everyone laugh – but no, I said to my fellow fat warriors – that’s not the punch line! After polishing off the can, I went a plugged everything on the eTools Weight Watchers page. Keep in mind that 49 points are to last you a week. You get 27 a day. The calculations on the delectable can of coconut cream?

Fifty-one points.

I am not kidding. Regardless of that I lost ONE pound last week. For me, struggling with the last (now four!) pounds, that kind of loss is exceptional. I gained through out December and January. Not a ton, but enough. These last ten pounds keep teasing me and playing with me. I am not enjoying the game, but I sure enjoy having an ass that can fit down a slide and not feeling ashamed to be introduced to my husband’s personal training consorts.

One more thing you can do for yourself is buy a Cadbury egg for both your daughter and yourself. Also, buy a Cadbury Chocolate Egg and a caramel one so you can find out how they taste. I don’t even want to thing about the point’s count.

The title of this entry is dedicated my my friend – Peridot. She is tough as nails and soft as Alpaca. She is a brave mama and a smart cookie. The whole weight loss adventure has nothing to do with her journey; I just wanted to give her a shout out and maybe get some of y’all to pray for her.


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