Yes, thirty-four

If I didn’t have a tracking sheet, I wouldn’t believe it either, but I have lost thirty-four pounds in just over a year.  I did it slowly, ate a Cadbury egg or few and enjoyed some Five Guys fries.  All that to lose thirty-four pounds.  I have four to go before I am considered a “Life Time Member”.  That means you stay on Weight Watchers, track your food, go to meetings and read the little magazines they call, “weeklies” ever day for the rest of your life.  If you don’t do that, you will get fat again, gain all your weight back and then some and wind up back at Weight Watchers again, only you pay again.

As much as I hate to say it, I love Weight Watchers.  I like the consistency, the community and I like really, seriously losing weight.  I lost about ten pounds on South Beach and I did it quickly.  Then I forgot I was on a diet.  I was a vegetarian for ethical reasons and that didn’t change my weight at all.  I tried serious portion control, but honestly, who was I kidding?  Weight Watchers makes you track, which means you write down everything you eat and how much.  Sure, you can lie about it, but it’s like a toupee, you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.  (Suddenly reminded of seventh grade science teacher who went from salt and pepper to jet black hair.  We approached him, “Mr Carlin, something about you looks different but I can’t put a finger on it….  is that a new tie?)

So we’re tracking, and we’re eating the “Power Foods” and lots of vegetables.  That’s not enough, though, and you knew it wasn’t going to be that simple.  They want you to exercise.  Lots of things count, like house work and walking.   I don’t track house work, and you know if you should or shouldn’t.  If vacuuming makes you huffy and puffy, by all means, track it.  If you can do that with ease, be honest with yourself and don’t.  Go for a walk at the very least.

My mom only makes herself go to meetings if she gains.  I think that is one of the stupidest ideas ever.  I know a lot of people do well with Weight Watcher’s online and I think that is fantastic.  My mother couldn’t do that.  She doesn’t really track so much, although she does walk and hike.  I don’t know what the deal is but she doesn’t want to be involved.  She goes sporadically, it works sporadically.  

It helps me, shy girl that I once was, to have a friend.  T comes almost every week.  She’s lost 19 pounds and she’s done, but she still goes to the meeting and tells me that seven doughnuts at a go are not good ideas.  I have buddies at the meeting to.  We look for each other and are happy when we’re down .5 and tell each a gain of .8 is just a bottle of water.  It’s cool to see people lose and keep losing.  

I know there is nothing in the world that is for everybody.  WW can’t work for everyone, but it works for a lot of people.  They say “If you really work it, it really works, if you sort of work it, it sort of works.”  I’m had sorta works weeks and that is okay.  I want more of work it weeks.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh!  If you’re in to that sort of thing, my daughter is making cards with me (or I with her?) for any occasion.  Easter is in a month, and I bet grandma would love a card!  PM me if you are interested.  


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