I’ve Got a Rock

I’ve got a rock in my belly in the form of a Devil’s Food Glazed Doughnut. Why did I do it? I do not know. But it’s too late to undo.

I spent the morning with Dr. RH, PhD. We discussed important things and not so much important things. First of all, she wanted to know about Marriage Counseling by Dr. PP, PhD. I told her it felt productive. I asked some questions about the way the brain is made, and did she think it was possible bipolar was caused by brain damage found in the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. She said probably not and that we will never know. If there is a problem with the brain, it is probably caused my the neuro-transmitters faulty firing.

She asked about my goals in our one-on-one therapy and she gave me a Career Assessment Inventory. I’m going to bring it back and she’ll send it to the company so they can process it. I’m also to organize my business paperwork and bring it so she can see it.

Personal goals in therapy and relationships and life:
Think before I speak and speak kindly
Take care of my body with exercise, yoga and thoughtful eating
Support and love and care for my family – help them work towards making all their dreams come true.
Find meaningful, productive work and do it diligently- consider whether the book will qualify and if so, when?
Be able to follow Jesus by following principles he put in to place.
Organize tangible things in such a way I can find them and use them later.
Make beautiful things that people are happy to see.

More later.


2 responses to “I’ve Got a Rock

  • T

    mmm. I don’t remember what I was thinking when I typed my response to I’ve Got a Rock. And I’m afraid that the world will misunderstand my comment.

    I was at my job, obviously shouldn’t have been looking at email. I have both autocorrect and a microphone dealie that I can speak my messages into. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, except that it’s frustrating to write on.

    I think I read the List of Worthy Goals and thought “IF ONLY I could do the first goal.” I know that my response to ” Think before I speak and speak kindly” internally was, “Boy, I want to do that too!” I’m guessing that it came out “As If.” as in the “as if YOU could do that.” Not at all what I felt.

    I sure didn’t mean that Malakoa would not be able to achieve these specific goals. Or any other goal that she has in mind. She could even change her goals, that would be OK with me.

    Except the first one, and the “Be able to follow Jesus by following principles he put in to place”. Probably all the others would follow the following.

    Truthfully, I wasn’t thinking of Malakoa at all. I was thinking of myself. And my “write your goals down” constipation. I’m so afraid I’ll have to stick with them or be a loser.

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