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There Will Be Blood

It’s one of those seasons where there is so much to do and little to write.  My business is going well, so well that my husband had a little chat with me re: the amount of time I am putting in to it.  I can understand that, some what, but I don’t feel guilty.  If he wants to play with me then he can’t watch Ice Station Zebra and Dangerous Catch all evening long. 

I am having trouble with my etsy purchase, mostly because the guy running it takes 3-4 days to return emails, or he doesn’t return them at all.  Oh, and when my logo/return address label/web address stamps came (it took a month to get here) one of them was for Karibou Kindness, an etsy store – not the stamp we ordered at all.  (As if you didn’t figure that one out yourself).  I had to go mail some cards anyway, so I mailed the rubber stamp to the folks in Provo.  The vendor had the nerve to send me a letter along with the stamp saying if we had any opinion, different than a five star rating, to be in touch and they will fix it.  This is what I want to do:

Tell them I require the http://www.ccc-cards.com stamp as proofed before

In addition I want a stamp with my name, Molly Malakoa, and phone number so I can stamp it on cards and give it to people instead of scribbling out my phone number on a small lined piece of paper.

come to think of that, maybe it’s not necessary.  I can probably make the business cards with the stamps due me.  One with the web address, one with the address and a hand written phone number.  I can even    wait until we’re about to leave and then write my phone number on the card to make them feel special.  I can write the website as well, which I think is a safer way to be in business.  I don’t know why I am being so careful about that.  I’ve had panic attacks lately – I nip them at the bud with my Ativan, but the fear remains.  

I thought I was going to die if I didn’t buy a muti-box of glitter.  It was large and beautiful.  I left the store but I had to come back.  It’s safely in my drawer right now.  Don’t try to take it, and you can’t borrow any.  Go ahead and try.  There will be blood.