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Can’t we all just get along?

When I hear a woman say, “I just don’t get along with other women,” I instantly realize this a woman with serious issues.

There are seven billion people on earth. Slightly more than 3.5 of them are women. This means, after all the women in the world, you have a problem with all of them?

The last time I heard a woman say that I told her something like that. She didn’t like it, of course. I am still glad I said it. She told a client of hers the same thing and the client responded, “Well, of course you don’t get along with women, women are difficult to get along with.” Shortly after that her client was asked to leave the business permanently. Good thing her philosophies were the one the woman chose to adhere to. Are we all that blind?

I’m well today, thank you for asking. I did a twenty minute yoga practice, went to church and drank caffeine. This evening I will also do yoga and meditate using sacredspace.ie A wonderful site put together by the Irish Jesuits. I feel better, I’m not perfectly whole, yet, but that is something we can hope for only on the other side of heaven.



I offered to adopt twins today. A friend’s rebellious daughter, fifteen, is pregnant. She hasn’t said what she wants to do, but her aunt in Michigan offered to take them as well.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

I would love love love to add more children to our family, even though I’m not crazy about babies: I love toddlers on up. It’s no coincidence that Small screamed pretty much non-stop from the time she was born to the time she walked at ten months. I don’t want to relive it.

But these twin babies have a small place in my heart. In my life I have learned that praying for someone blesses me and blesses them. Maybe God has put these children there so I will pray for them like crazy. The mom could be blessed, the future parents will be blessed. I may or may not be those babies mom, but I am some part of their lives. Unless she chooses us, they will probably never know how I’ve tried to bless them over and over again…

More than choosing me and my family, I hope the mom chooses life. The easy-on-the-outside choice to terminate is her legal option, but I hope she doesn’t choose that. Maybe knowing there are at least two families who specifically respond to these little guys will help her to be brave and go through with having the babies.

I have the opinion that some moms are okay to raise children when they are as young as fifteen, but I do not think this little woman is one of them. She has all sorts off issues (she runs away a couple of times a month and has Oppositional Defiant Disorder). I think she is using drugs and alcohol. It would be a very hard row for her to hoe, and it would be hard for us, too. That would be okay, though.

We live minutes from the house mom lives with in her mom and step-dad. They could visit the kiddos. They could go to soccer games. It might be ideal.

Now getting the husband to agree with this.